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Beware of Novavax its the newest trojan horse for the unvaccinated

Exclusive Summary: Covid-19 Vaccine Concerns -Especially with the newest so called vaccine named Novavax

  • Updated Aug. 5, 2022 with heart risk re: Novavax
  • Updated June 25, 2022 with higher Covid rate among vaccinated
  • Updated June 18, 2022 with Novavax heart concerns
  • Updated June 14, 2022 with Bell's Palsy and Ramsay Hunt Syndrome concerns
  • Updated May 11, 2022 with FDA limiting J&J due to blood clot concerns
  • Updated April 26, 2022 with more Guillain Barre paralysis concerns
  • Updated March 12, 2022 with studies on vaccine-related tinnitis
  • Updated Feb. 14, 2022 with pathologist study on heart deaths in children after vaccination
  • Updated Jan. 20, 2022 with new warnings about serious neurological and blood conditions
  • Updated Jan. 12, 2022 with additional blood disorder warnings
  • Updated Jan 13, 2022 with study confirming menstrual cycle changes in women after vaccination
  • Updated Jan. 13, 2022 with concerns about repeat boosters
  • Updated Dec. 24, 2021 with Danish study again confirming serious heart inflammation risk from vaccination
  • Updated Dec. 16, 2021 with CDC warning of dangerous blood clot risk with Johnson & Johnson vaccine
  • Updated Dec. 15, 2021 with CDC confirming Johnson and Johnson vaccine link to Guillain Barre paralysis
  • Updated Dec. 14, 2021 with British study showing increased heart inflammation risk from vaccination
  • Updated Nov. 21, 2021 with "dramatic" increase in risk of heart injury
  • Updated Nov. 14, 2021 with Taiwan suspending second dose of Covid vaccine for children
  • Updated Nov. 13, 2021 with concerns over Capillary Leak Syndrome
  • Updated Nov. 10, 2021 with Germany limiting Moderna in young people; pregnant women
  • Updated Nov. 7, 2021 with study showing 2 of 3 U.S. vaccines under 50% effectiveness after 6 mos.
  • Updated Oct. 30, 2021 with UK study showing no difference between vaccinated and unvaccinated in peak viral load
  • Updated Oct. 29, 2021 with Israel study showing waning immunity in a few months in all age groups after vaccination
  • Updated Oct. 23, 2021 with increased rate of preterm birth in pregnant women
  • Updated Oct. 10, 2021 with Iceland pausing Moderna over increased heart problems
  • Updated Oct. 8, 2021 with Vietnam study about vaccinated people carrying more Delta viral load; spreading Covid
  • Updated Oct. 7, 2021 with Finland pausing Moderna vaccine for young males due to heart issues.
  • Updated Oct. 6, 2021 with Sweden and Denmark halting Moderna in young people due to risk of heart injuriesSlovenia suspends Johnson & Johnson.
  • Updated Oct. 4, 2021 with study about vaccine immunity quickly wearing off
  • Updated Oct. 3, 2021 with EU blood disorder concerns and Hepatitis C death
  • Updated Sept. 19, 2021 with British study about menstrual cycle changes in women
  • Updated Sept. 12, 2021 with study finding teenage boys face much higher heart risk from vaccine than Covid
  • Updated Sept.10,2021 with Israel study on majority of hospitalized being vaccinated
  • Updated Sept. 9, 2021 with CDC study about increased myocarditis/heart inflammation risk, lymphadenopathy, appendicitis, and herpes zoster infection
  • Updated Sept. 4, 2021 with acute CNS demyelination after Pfizer and Moderna vaccines
  • Updated Aug. 30, 2021 with Functional Neurological Disorder
  • Updated Aug. 24, 2021 with waning immunity
  • Updated Aug. 17, 2021 with Bell's Palsy analysis, Hong Kong
  • Updated Aug. 16, 2021 with Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) study
  • Updated Aug. 5, 2021 with heart disorders more common than CDC reported from database
  • Updated July 22, 2021 with EU warning about Guillain-Barre autoimmune paralysis after Johnson and Johnson vaccination.
  • Updated July 12, 2021 with new FDA warning of Guillain-Barre autoimmune paralysis cases after vaccination.
  • Updated July 12, 2021 with reports of Graves disease autoimmune disorder after vaccination.
  • Updated July 1, 2021 with reports of Guillain-Barre paralysis cases after vaccination.
  • Updated June 30, 2021 with news of first case of blood clot disorder in double-dose RNA vaccinE

If you find yourself confused about the mixed guidance when it comes to Covid-19 vaccines and safety concerns, you’re not alone.

While the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is marketing widespread use of the emergency-use vaccines in the U.S. for both old and young alike, many other countries are limiting Covid-19 vaccine use. Health officials around the world are giving varying advice on safety issues as Covid-19 vaccines are given to more people, and more information can be collected.

Read CDC’s information here.

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